November Wargaming fair in Thessaloniki

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November Wargaming fair in Thessaloniki

Post  Theo on Mon Aug 27, 2012 1:14 pm

Lads Dimitris informed me that there is a wargaming fair planned for November here in Thessaloniki.

Does anyone happen to have any more specific info on that?

Is it going ahead after all? if so when? how much table space will there be? will it be solely a wargaming fair or will we share the space/fair with a comics convention or a boardgames one or something else?

Assuming it's going ahead what are you all planning to bring to it?

I have spoken with Dimitris and he is planning to field a lovely 10mm battle with his Byzantines vs. Arabs.

I will field a table of Darkest Africa goodness with 28mm Copplestone/Foundry figures with the Belgians squaring it off against the Ngoni tribe. If I have the time I will also add a British naval landing party to the mix.


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Re: November Wargaming fair in Thessaloniki

Post  Androklis on Tue Aug 28, 2012 6:51 am

I will show some boardgames to the visitors and maybe play some with them.
Also, I will set up a couple of tables with various (same old boring??) themes, such as WWII and Napoleonics.

I am thinking about giving a little talk about wargames, since I think that they are quite misanderstood in Greece.
We will see how the program goes and we will keep things updated.

Beard Lover

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